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Sit & Rock, Donít Stoop or Squat

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Measurements are approximate

This is my design for an ergonomic gardener/handyman stool that would tilt on soil and soft surfaces with or without small feet, yet be stable on a floor with plastic, rubber, or steel feet or locking wheels.

A seat allows using one's lap while sketching or taking notes, using the knees for a workbench. The use of several containers would enable setting u for a particular job or recreation in the home or garden, or away at a site for hunting, fishing, swimming or archaeological research. For example, electrical and plumbing tools would be in separate containers. Others might be modified in some way for relics, artifacts, vegetables, fish, clams, small game, etc. A child's stool would be about 3/4th the size of the adult stool. By providing many customizing items, owners could dress up and modify their stools to suit their particular needs.

Utility Tilting Stool
Sit & Rock, Donít Stoop or Squat
An EaseWorkTM Device, Pedestaled Seat, US Patent 5,112,103