Axxxtion Atelier, Inc.
Sit & Rock, Donít Stoop or Squat

Sketch of Pedestaled Seat

The unit was based on a dimensioned section view of this sketch lacking the container. Note that it is made by joining cut pieces. Easily supports 220lbs.(99.7kg.) The casters have been replaced with furniture glides covered with rubber cane tips.

The licensor, Axxxtion Atelier, Inc. created this website in the midst of the banking crisis in hopes of finding an entrepreneur willing to take on the task of manufacturing and distributed this product. You can play a key role in the recovery of our economy by helping to create jobs via distribution of this product design. Please contact the licensor for more information.

Utility Tilting Stool
Sit & Rock, Donít Stoop or Squat
An EaseWorkTM Device, Pedestaled Seat, US Patent 5,112,103