Axxxtion Atelier, Inc.
Sit & Rock, Donít Stoop or Squat

User Modifications

  1. Musicians — tie-on cushion
  2. Tea servers — cloth under at ray for the tea service container instead of glass tray for crumpets and jelly.
  3. Telephone users — modified container for books and Rolodexģ and cushioned seat.
  4. Medics — container for waste and seat to allow a person feeling faint to rest with head bowed.
  5. Golfers — at practice range, a cushioned seat and container, instead of bucket, for balls, partitioned for cellular phone and beverage.
  6. Gardeners — gooseneck camera holder attachment and container for towel, tools, beverage, and waste.
  7. Handyman — attached gooseneck lamp or holder for trouble light.
  8. Homemakers — cushioned seat for a chore as window cleaning and lined container for agents, or for other occasional use.

Utility Tilting Stool
Sit & Rock, Donít Stoop or Squat
An EaseWorkTM Device, Pedestaled Seat, US Patent 5,112,103